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Pre-registration and payment is required for all classes and training. No refunds are provided unless a course cancels.

After you register, you will received detailed information about your course, syllabus, online access, logistics, etc. Please visit About Us and the FAQs for any additional questions.

  • All programs offered through Continuing Education are professional development, non-credit programs that provide evidence of learning through badges or certificates. They will not be listed on an official UB transcript, but you can get a listing of all your classes through your online account through CE.
  • Courses, activities, badges, and micro-credentials you have taken will be available on our site through the course management system.
  • CE programs are highly educational and effective in your skill development, however they do not award college credit and will not appear on an official UB transcript through the Registrar’s office. You may receive a listing through your CE account.

Badges or certificates may be linked to social media and networking programs such as LinkedIn, submitted to Professional Associations to provide evidence of learning or fulfill continuing education units (CEU) requirements.

We hope that your educational experience encourages you to further your education. If you are interested in undergraduate or graduate degree programs, visit College of Arts and Sciences or the UB Office of Admissions ».