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Listed here are our policies and some of the most common questions with answers. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us at or (716) 645-2711.

Policies: Registration and Tuition

Q. What are the regulations about Dropping a class, No-Shows and Refunds?
A. The regulations are listed below:

  • Dropping a class: CE must receive notification in writing at least two (2) days before the class begins. You can email and please include your course information.
  • No-Shows: You do not receive a refund if you do not show up for class.
  • Refunds: Refunds will only be given if the course cancels or if you notify us in writing three (3) business days before class begins. Refunds will not be issued once the class begins.
  • Tuition is listed for each course and is usually per person.

Q. What happens if a course cancels?
A. If a course cancels you will receive a full refund including the registration fee and any course fees. Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel a course for any reason, including insufficient enrollment. CE is not responsible for any travel costs associated with your class.

Refund Policy
This schedule applies to both the course and material fees for Continuing Education courses and programs:

  • 100%: Any time class is canceled by the university
  • 100%: If you withdraw no later than 2 days before the first class meeting by emailing
    • Email must be received by the start time of the class 2 days before (ex. May 17 at 6pm class begins.  Must receive email by May 15 at 6pm)
  • 0%: If you withdraw after class begins for a course/program or fail to email 2 days before
  • 0%: If you fail to attend class

You will be notified by email two (2) days before the class begins if your class cancels.

Q. What is the fee for each course?
A. The fee is indicated with each course description and varies depending on course length and class size.

Fees may be paid by credit card or check only and is due at the time of registration. If your check is returned for any reason, we will charge a $25 service fee. Continuing Education does not offer a payment program or financial aid.

Q. Can you invoice my company for the class?
A. Yes. Please provide a PO number and your company information when you register.

Q. My company offers Tuition Reimbursement for my education. Can I use it for Continuing Education classes and what is the process?
A. Yes and we encourage you to take advantage of your company benefits. We are experts in guiding you through the process with your company’s Human Resources department. Please contact your Human Resources department for the process and regulations.

Student status, Transcripts and Certificates

Q. What is my student status when I enroll in a CE class?
A. You are considered a non-matriculated student.  This means that you are not pursuing a formal degree at UB.  Financial aid programs like FAFSA, do not qualify for CE classes. Traditional student aid for credit classes are not applicable to CE courses.

Q. Will my Continuing Education courses show up on an official UB transcript?
A. No. The programs you register for are professional development and non-credit and do not carry college credit. You may view a listing of CE classes for on your CE account when you log in.

Q. What is the difference between a Certificate and Certification?
A. The term “Certificate” may be issued upon completion of a class. “Certification” means that you qualify and are regulated usually by a professional organization or state agency. Please check with the certifying organization for their criteria. (ex: A CPA is a certified public accountant who is licensed by a state board of accountancy)

Parking and Logistics

All information will be included on your confirmation email.

There are great resources for parking, maps, directions and travel information. It is not as complicated as is seems so please read your information.

Q. Where do I park? Is it free or do I have to pay?
A. Conveniently located parking lots and spots are available throughout campus. You can park near your destination, or choose a park-and-ride lot with door-to-door shuttle service. Detailed parking information will be included with your confirmation email. Additional information about parking is available at the Parking and Transportation website.

Q. How do I know where my class is on campus?
A. Complete information about your class location will be included in your confirmation. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

Online Access

Q. How do I access my class if it is online?
A. Complete and detailed information will be contained in your confirmation email.  This information will include access, login and troubleshooting details.